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Products             OUR 69TH YEAR SERVING INDIANA

Shoemaker Motion Picture Company (SMPC) has been in the audio and visual presentation business since 1945.  Since 1945 we have had numerous manufactures added to our product line.  We have below our top manufacturers that we have selected as the industry best to bring quality, performance, and value to you our client without compromise.

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                                                                                Our Top Manufacturers

DISPLAY                                                       VOICE AMPLIFICATION                   OTHER TOP MANUFACTURERS
Eiki Projectors                                                LightSpeed                                       1U Control
Sanyo Projectors                                            TeachLogic                                       Promethean
Dukane Projectors                                                                                                  Audio Technica
LG LCD/LED                                                   SPEAKERS                                     Shure
Sony LCD/LED                                                LightSpeed                                      Bogen Imaging 
Panasonic LCD/LED                                        TeachLogic                                      RDL
                                                                      Atlas Soundolier                               V-Brick
SCREENS                                                      EV                                                  Polycom
Draper                                                            Tannoy                                            Califone
                                                                     COMPONENTS                                Bretford, H.WilsonLuxor Classroom
DISPLAY MOUNTS                                        LG                                                   Tables, Carts, and Accessories
Peerless                                                        Kramer
Chief                                                              Extron                                             Video Conferencing and Digital Video
Premier Mounts                                              TeamBoard                                      On Demand Available
RACKS                                                          JVC
MIddle Atlantic                                               Sony                                                
Raxxess                                                        Pansonic                                            Shoemaker Motion Picture Company
Quam                                                                                                                       is your Teradon IP Intercommunications
                                                                     CABLE                                                  Platform Distributor
AUTOMATION                                               West Penn
Crestron                                                        Rapid Run
Extron                                                           Belden
Xantech                                                         Comprehensive

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